Big island modular

Two story prefab home project built on an incline in a coffee Plantation in Captain Cook, Hawaii. Our Hurricane Resistant Homes will last many lifetimes. Teak Bali is committed to reforest all hardwoods used in the manufacturing process. Free Evaluation: Discuss your prefab home project with one of our specialists who can advise you with no obligation. My wife and I are in the process of building our retirement prefab home on the Big Island. It has been a daunting experience to say the least.

We had originally started with an architect to design a home for us, and while the design was very nice, it was in many ways similar to a lot of the homes on the islands. Unlike just about every other aspect of building a prefab house in Hawaii, there were absolutely no surprises when dealing with Teak Bali. I am writing this letter to inform potential customers what they can hope to attain from their experience with Teak-Bali. I purchased a prefab house kit from Tom, Danny, and Marchand in after being informed about their Hawaii Hardwood Prefab Homes by a mutual friend.

I now own a beautiful, unique, and heart filled home in Hawaii free and clear! Tom and his crew not only stuck with me throughout the entire process, they have become some of my very best friends. Skip to content. We fashion your Hardwood Dream Home, fabricated to the highest standards. We design and fabricate luxury. Yogashala Design Fun 2 bedroom design with generous Common area, loft and lots of glass looking onto the Deck.

Our designs. Kona Karma. Small 1 bedroom prefab home design, en-suite bathroom. Can customize to client requirements.

Can include wraparound deck and roof extension. Hamakua Haven. Maui Med. A fun 6 sided meditation studio with half walls and attractive "Out of the Box" roof style. Simple 1 bedroom design with small covered front Deck that can be extended and customized. China Cat. Large two story one bedroom octagonal structure suitable for resort use or as a Guest House. Rain Forest Retreat. Large rectangular 2 bedroom model containing over-sized Great Room with high vaulted ceiling. Bali Buddha. Suitable for a resort setting.

Our Big Island Build

Clean 2 bedroom design with large common area and mirrored bedrooms in the rear. Hana Hale. Double octagonal floorplan. This modular design can be expanded with additional octagons.

big island modular

Our projects. Project CA — St Kitts. Our satisfied clients My wife and I are in the process of building our retirement prefab home on the Big Island.Already have a plan or want to customize a plan? Contact Us. Buying with Impresa Modular can provide many benefits when it comes to getting quality modular homes at the best value. We share the savings we obtain through our use of modern construction techniques, value engineering, and volume purchases of building materials with our clients.

We call it giving our clients more home for their money, all while giving the highest level of service to you. Modern construction techniques allow us to deliver modular homes with the highest level of attention to detail. There once was a time when doors and windows were built on-site. But the pursuit of performance and innovation led to factory-built doors and windows of much higher quality and much greater energy efficiency.

The art of home building is moving in the same direction. We are leading the way to a time where all new homes will be built in a factory environment. As a leader in custom modular construction, let the team at Impresa Modular share their expertise to provide you with a pleasing home building experience.

Albany MK 3 2. The master bathroom has a garden tub Bayview MK 3 2. Brookside 3 2. With its gables, dormers and wrap around porch it has Bainbridge 3 2.

Riverside 2 2. It has a great open floor plan and a nice sized Barclay 3 2. Its 3 bedrooms and 2. Harper 2 2. Paisley I 3 2. It has great curb appeal with its octagon bump out and Buying an Impresa Modular home can provide many benefits when it comes to getting quality modular homes at the best value. Using modern modular construction techniques allow us to deliver modular homes with the highest level of attention to detail.

With modular homes, in-factory construction quality is invariably better than that which is traditionally built on site. Lumber cut with a hand-held circular saw at a job site are not as precise as those cut with fixed tools in a factory. Trained factory inspectors or independent third party inspectors perform more than a dozen inspections per home.

Local building inspectors may only conduct three or four announced inspections on the average conventionally built home. All building materials are held out of the weather.

Wet materials stored at many on-site building locations are built into the new home resulting in warped walls, ceilings and mold problems.

With modular construction your new home is built to the highest possible standard and packaged for transport to your job site. Delivery of your new custom modular home is routinely scheduled as soon as possible after factory completion and your home site is ready.

Almost immediately after your home is finished in the factory, delivery is planned after confirmation that the job site is ready. Once your home is deliveredImpresa Modular will coordinate the installation of your home on the foundation with an experienced set and crane crew.We've been a part of WillScot for years, and now we've changed our name to reflect it. But that's the only thing changing. We're still Hawaii's leader in temporary space, with the same people who have served customers around the islands for more than 30 years.

Our modular solutions cover every detail, so you can direct your energies to other tasks. One call and you're ready to work. Our passion is to deliver an immediately functional solution, so you can forget about the space and focus on what you do best — working your project, being productive, meeting your goals.

One call and our local experts will take care of everything. Rethink all your ideas about office trailers. FLEX allows an unlimited footprint and stacks as high as three stories. Windows, walls and partitions made of sleek modern materials are completely configurable. You dream up the space, we make it happen. Custom modular buildings allow flexibility and adaptability that suits any need.

As the winner of multiple Awards of Distinction from the Modular Building Institute, WillScot has solutions to meet any timeline, site topography, style and budget.

Modular Homes Hawaii

We also provide complete support on each project from concept to completion. When you need more space for growing student populations or campus renovations, our portable classrooms are the answer. They also can serve as an administrative office, resource center, computer lab, library and more.

Storage containers can be a great addition as well, helping you stay organized and store classroom or extracurricular supplies, such as athletic equipment. Read the latest news and ideas on work productivity, construction projects, modular innovation and more. A picture is worth a thousand words and a story is more memorable than just the facts.

Learn the why, what, when, who and where behind real situations and how we made them ready to work. We are continually receiving compliments on our sales office. It reflects the overall feel for our luxury condominium project. Kathryn Acorda Sr. Regional Construction Mgr. Ko'olani Luxury Sales Office Read more.

EASY DOES IT Our passion is to deliver an immediately functional solution, so you can forget about the space and focus on what you do best — working your project, being productive, meeting your goals.

Learn more about our Covid efforts. Learn more.Mahana Homes is for people who want to take the guess work out of building. A collaboration of partners who bring beautiful designs, precision and engineered kit components and the finest materials that make it simple for you to build your dream home in Hawaii.

Serving both Hawaii and British ColumbiaCanada, our prefab homes and kit homes are a great option in that they are extremely cost effective while also having the look and quality of a custom home. Get in touch today to see if kit homes are right for you. Designing exceptional homes for over 30 years, traditional and contemporary designs that bring the beauty of nature into your indoor living space. Cut with expert craftsmanship and sustainably sourced, Beere Timber have provided the highest quality timber for over 30 years.

Featured Images. Kauai Plan Details Traditional Island life with a modern touch. An open-concept home. Kunewa Plan Details High ceilings, timber beams and wrap around Lanai. Peter Fluker Designing exceptional homes for over 30 years, traditional and contemporary designs that bring the beauty of nature into your indoor living space.I know you are here because you are looking for alternatives to affordable home ownership, not easy today in any State.

There are a number of factors affecting this decision. The primary problem is the ability to receive our home in a reasonable time frame. My manufacturer, in California, is at over-capacity, and the forecast appears to be the same for at least a year. We are also having a cost issue. Because of so much more overall construction, not only is there a labor crunch, but inventory is much slimmer and at a higher cost.

The bigger issue is the ongoing Tariff battles, e. Canada and lumber, China and appliances, etc. We cannot guarantee in contract the firm cost of your home today, which would be our normal practice, because we would have to update the home contract prior to building the home in the factory…over a year later.

A style of tiny homes, built to home standards, just under sq. We hope to be able to begin marketing these small homes this year. So please stay tuned, this may offer an affordable homeowner option for you. Varied designs for everything from a garage to barn, some even look like homes. Easy to assemble, nice look, and very reasonable in price. Please return, we will be working to set up the page soon.

Our parent company, Yamada Homes in California is struggling with these very same issues.

big island modular

We are a small company and will continue to help you. Hawaii Modular Homes. Mahalo for your consideration…we hope to hear from and work with you soon.Check out some of our most popular articles about home types, construction methods, and financing.

Modular Homes in Hawaii.

Big Island Modular LLC

Hawaii Modular Homes. Interested in buying a customized, new modular home in the beautiful state of Hawaii? Find your modular home design and floorplan, and join the 1. No results found.

Impresa Modular

Please modify your search and try again. See All Floor Plans in Hawaii. Why ModularHomes. Contemplating your new dream home in Hawaii?

Modular homes, manufactured homesand tiny homes are attracting more and more home buyers as affordable, expedient alternatives to traditional homes for many reasons.

This gives modular home builders the ability to produce homes that compare to site-built homes in quality and appearance at a much quicker pace and at a far lower cost, which is passed on to the home buyers.

At ModularHomes. Popular Manufacturers in Hawaii. See All Manufacturers in Hawaii. Modular Home Resources.

big island modular

What is a Modular Home? Common Prefab Home Styles. Modular Home Buyer's Guide. See All. Explore Local Builders in Hawaii. See All Retailers in Hawaii.For any specific questions, you may contact us directly.

Welcome to the world of Multi-Facetted Homes! A unique and elegantgreen, natural Cedar building system which provides :. C ustom- H ome Q uality and B eauty, along with. Custom-built, panelized home shells are up and weather-tight in just days!

Quick, easy assembly process can save you time and building costs! We've designed our Website for your convenience You can scroll down to see the Main Features of our Hawaii home kit s and building system Photos will enlarge to show more detail, when you click on them.

Beautiful, custom- designed Cedar homes of all sizes. Panelizing your home shell at affordable package prices. E legant touches are standard, such as :. Rich, furniture-grade woodworking throughout. Solid Mahogany French-style and other glass-pane door design s. Almond vinyl-framed sliding windows. Solid construction for superior structural integrity, and high-level wind load ratings. Framing members are all screw-framed for superior structural strength.

Stainless Steel ring shank nails -- lasting grip for exterior siding that will not rust or stain. Hurricane hardware, lifetime materials and many more hidden built-in features for lifetime endurance quality.

Decks, Lanai s, and. Panoramic V iews! B eautiful, high open-beam ceilings allow room for lofts. This gives you complete interior design freedom and flexibility.

big island modular

Green Living - No arsenic- or chemical-soaked "treated" lumber. Environmentally compatible sustainable "2nd growth" Redwood and Cedar. Custom-Designed and Individually hand-crafted to each order. S erving all of the Hawaiian islands. We look forward to assisting you in planning for the creation of your dream home. Contact for Further Assistance:.

Include a call-back phone numbe r, and we'll be glad to phone you back with personalized service. Environmentally compatible sustainable "2nd growth" Redwood and Cedar and toxic-free.

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